Videos about maps

A couple of MapHist posts and a recent CBC Sparks episode prompted me to search the Prelinger Archive for online films about maps. Unfortunately, I only got one hit, a rather quirky, Jam Handy short about how roadmaps are updated that's probably only of interest to the most hardcore roadmap fans. A couple of scenes do strike me as rather bizarre. Note the way the block slides around as the engraver works on it. And what's happening in that final scene with the Highway Superintendent? After measuring the grade (18%), he checks in with the foreman. Then he floors it up the new detour while the boys watch to see if he'll make it. I had assumed there might be some higher level of engineering involved.

The Prelinger Archive and it's larger host the Internet Archive are an amazing resource of online films, many copyright free. The Library of Congress acquired Rick Prelinger's collection of 60,000 industrial, educational, and promotional films in 2002 and there are currently about 2000 online.

Probably of more general interest, are the two films mentioned on MapHist. The first discusses the origins of Harry Beck's, London Underground Map, and its influence on other subway maps around the world. The second is part of the Chicago History Museum's, How it's Made, series. It follows the production of globes at Repogle and gives me a chance to play with the blog's YouTube feature.