Strip Maps and the CAA / Triple-A

Westworld, the Alberta Motor Association's members' magazine, kindly took a short article of mine linking Ogilby's strip maps with those little route maps you can get as a CAA / AAA member. They've put it online:  (Note: The map in the article is by Thomas Gardener, not by Ogilby. It follows many of his conventions.)

As usual, things cropped up which were cut. I discovered that strange family of measurements: furlongs, firkin, fortnights, and fathoms.1 There was also the obsolete origin of the word 'turnpike': "A n. I1 Hist. A spiked barrier fixed in or across a road or passage, as a defence against sudden attack. LME."2 I got the impression that this was also done to block optional routes, keeping traffic on the main roads.

1See also the Wiki pages about the FFF system and other unusual units.                                                     

2NSOED. Vol. 2. Lesley Brown, ed. (Oxford:Clarendon P., 1993) p. 3428, col. III - 3429, col. I.