Edmonton, 1913 - The Free City Guide

I've posted a copy of a Free City Guide, for Edmonton, dated January 1913, in a couple of image galleries. The original 48-page booklet (3¼ x 5¾", 84 x 146mm) has light card covers and a stapled binding. The contents include listings of:

  • p. 1 - 26                government bldg.s, civic officials, hotels, banks, business and apartment blocks, etc.
  • p. 27 - 32              railway timetables
  • p. 33 - 46              streetcar service
  • p. 47 - 48              Editorial calling for more local production to stem capital flight entitled, More Smoke!

 At the rear is a folding map of the city, produced by Driscoll & Knight. (More on that in a later entry.) The hope is that (better informed) local historians and railway enthusiasts may find it useful. For some context, see Dr. Rod Macleod's, Edmonton's Story. I think the best work on local streetcars is Edmonton's Electric Transit: The Story of Edmonton's Streetcars and Trolley Buses by Colin K. Hatcher and Tom Schwarzkopf. (Toronto: Railfare Enterprises Ltd., 1983) See also the comprehensive Atlas of Alberta Railways, sponsored by the University of Alberta Press.