About JHMaps

jhmaps is where I keep the research I've done on maps in my collection, stash handy links, and learn how to run a blog. Comments, corrections, or queries are welcome. (newsfact[at]web.net) I'm hoping to average an entry per week. Click the photos to enlarge.

My extended foray into undergrad studies at the U of A led to a Double Major in English and History. During a 200-level African History course, I stumbled across Bassett and Porter's article about the Mountains of Kong. After that, I was hooked. I did a little reading for a prof on early-modern globe production, have aspirations towards publication, and have begun selling antique maps here in Edmonton.

jhmaps is powered by Drupal and is made available through the kind, community-minded folks at WEB Networks, Canada. The ads are by Google. The layout seems to work best using FireFox.