I see my pictures have gone all wonky again. This is a recurring problem I‘m learning to isolate with image galleries and links to story pages. Whether I'm doing something wrong or Drupal just hates (lots of) images, remains unclear. For now, the pictures for the Legacy, Dangerous Voyage, and Hacking Old Globes entries have randomly ultra-sized well beyond the recommended parameters. Until someone more adept can tell me what I'm doing wrong, visitors are invited to enjoy the increased detail.

At least one link has died. The last vestiges of Woolworths have apparently disappeared, along with the Chad Valley Globe Co. reference. This is a shame because their virtual museum of toys and tin globes (museum.woolworths.co.uk) will be a sorely missed online resource. I'll try to redirect, but feel free to encourage Woolworths to repost (here).

Both of these events bring home the point, "Print everything." If you plan to quote it, link it, cite it, or refer to it, print it out. Links die, sites disappear, and hard drives join the minions of Satan.