Louis Riel Lyrics

"Louis Riel." Rhythm Activism. Resist Much - Obey Little. 1987 ©Les Pages Noires
(To the music of "Louis Louis" by Richard Berry, The Kingsmen, etc.)

Louis Riel was a pizza delivery boy who drove a beat-up Datsun all night long just to pay his room and board, but he dreamed of roarin' down the highway one day on a chopper of his own.

Louis Riel was a Dunkin' Donuts waitress, with three kids to support and an ulcer, who came home each night, soakin' her feet and smokin' a Camel filtre, dreaming: that the three-piece bedroom set, on sale at Eaton's, would be in a home of her own one day.

Louis Riel was a Chevron mechanic, almost ready to retire and so tired, who never really believed Grant Devine was an honest man, despite what all the customers said.

Louis Riel is a cardboard mask on my front door, staring down at all the passing trucks and cars, zapping them with a Métis war-spell guaranteed to clog their carburetors on a given day, at a given hour, when all the Louis Riels would rise from their graves, leave their jobs, demand a retrial, a second chance, a moment to call their own when no big-shot, no Hidden Hand, no price-tag blocked their path, where only the smell of fresh-cut grass ruled the air.

This day Louis Riel would proclaim a holiday.
This day Louis Riel would charge for no coffee, no pizza, no tune-up.
This day Louis Riel would burn all loans, pay-back slips, mortgages, and bills.
This day Louis Riel would write up in history books.
This day Louis Riel would interrupt every TV ballgame.
This day Louis Riel would spell in block letters.
This day Louis Riel would live.
This day Louis Riel would call FREEDOM!

Louis Riel. Ohhh - oh. Whatcha gonna do?

Reproduced by permission. Mil gracias.