jhmaps @ the Wild Rose Antique Show

I learned a lot:
  • 8' x 10' is not as big as it sounds. That said, I didn't really use the space to its full advantage. I've posted a picture (somewhat posed) of the booth, largely in the hope that, in future years, I'll look back and wonder, "What the Hell was I thinking?" I definitely go 8 x 20 next time.
  • I failed to take the opportunity to post a favourite quote: Do not be afraid to request credit, as our manner of refusal is most polite. Paths of Glory.
  • Sales were better on Day 2 than on Day 1. Based on this flimsy data I float the proposition that the people who came on Day 1 were looking for something specific while the people who came on Day 2 were looking for something cool or unexpected.
  • I was terrified at the prospect of people waving coffee cups over the table and manhandling the merchandise. I even brought a yardstick, only half-jokingly, to fend off the mobs. I must say that I was *very* pleasantly surprised and that everyone was very considerate. I transferred the anxiety to the fact that I was surrounded by glass dealers. One good stumble would have bankrupted me.
  • My tastes and interests in maps are not necessarily those of my clients. I can see where I need to consider less glamour and more local. I was surprised at how many requests I had for maps of Saskatchewan and should have had a bit better coverage of B.C. Several items I was sure would fly out the door barely got a notice. All said and done, I can't think of a better market research tool.
  • The final and lasting lesson is, of course, pursue your bliss and do what you love. Day 2 (Saturday) went by in a blur. I got there at 9, took a break at noon, and the next thing I knew it was 4:30. Several vendors gave my persistent smirk a quizzical look. If this is work, put me in for overtime!
  • Everyone wants $5 off. (including me)
Thanks to the very hard-working volunteers and members of the Wild Rose Antique Collectors who made this great adventure possible. Special thanks to the neighbours who graciously allowed me to hang maps from their displays and to the M&P for moral encouragement and shaved-ham sandwiches.