Mundy's Pocket Map of Northwest Canada and Part of Alaska.

Mundy's Pocket Map of Northwest Canada and Part of Alaska. (Edmonton: Mundy Map Co., 1943)Mundy's Pocket Map of Northwest Canada and Part of Alaska. (Edmonton: Mundy Map Co., 1943)

21 1/4 X 32" Scale of 62 miles = 1" (c. 1:3,950,000) Four colour (black, blue, red), numerous folds; original yellow paper covers attached.


A rare map of Western Canada encompassing Alberta, British Columbia, the western Territories and Alaska. Produced by Edmonton map maker C. Gordon Mundy for the U.S. military during the scramble to build the Alaska Highway. Mundy had gained valuable knowledge of the North during the Fort Norman oil boom of the early 1920s. "I made special maps for exploration of the unknown North for the Bush Pilots who brought back detailed information."

Job SandsJob Sands

That detailed information is abundant throughout the map, with notes on resources, settlements, and elevations.

Dawson CreekDawson Creek

By 1938, Mundy had closed his Edmonton office and begun working from home. However his fortunes were soon to turn. "The Americans had arrived in Edmonton and started building the Alaska Highway." Now at war with Japan, a secure route to Alaska was vital to U.S. interests and they pushed through 2237 km of road between March 8th and October 28th, 1942. Mundy reports a "tremendous" demand for his maps and, at the request of the U.S. military, he "made the only co-ordinated map showing Alberta, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Yukon, Alaska and the Aleutian Islands right up to Siberia. It was a great success, the Army, Navy, Airforce and contractors all wanted it."

Upper right insetUpper right inset

The military nature of the early Alaska Highway is reinforced by the legend. The highway is marked with a red and white, dashed line. Also marked, in red shading, is the "Controlled Area on either side."

In case anyone should accuse Mundy of aiding the enemy, both the map (lower left margin) and the cover are marked, "Passed by Canadian Censor of Publications and approved by the U.S. Legation."


A fascinating snapshot of the Second World War with an Edmonton connection. Only six holdings listed on OCLC and no local university or archive copies. Folds a bit worn otherwise a very nice copy with no holes or dirt. Cover includes ads by the Hudson's Bay Co. and Alberta's Department of Trade and Industry.                    PRICE: $540