Pure Spec 2012 Wrap-up

I had an absolute BLAST at Pure Spec last weekend. I met so many cool people, heard so many cool ideas, saw so many cool things... I even made back my costs on the booth and the money I spent to bag and back almost my complete inventory. More importantly, I got to hang with one of the most interesting groups of people I've come across in a long time.

I didn't have a very good time last year, despite a brave face. I was disorganized, the temp dropped to -29C the day before, the car was frozen Sunday morning... I was tired and cranky and feeling a bit defeated. This year, much to my delight, everything just seemed to click. While I can always be better organized, the weather was good, I somehow crammed everything into the Accent, the new booth setup seems to be working the way I'd planned... On Saturday I finally decided I had better eat something before I passed out, so I abandoned my booth and ran across the street to Wendy's. I walked in and there's my Dad standing in the front of the line-up because he was going to (spontaneously and out of the kindness of his heart) bring me some food. "... I suspect people of plotting to make me happy."

There are so many people to thank for my current giddiness, starting with the Pure Spec organizers, many anonymous, who staged such a great event, and especially to Jay, who had to deal with me directly, a task my employers will agree is *never* easy. I do promise (here, publicly ;) to give back. Thanks also to those who came by the booth to look or chat or buy. I was glad to see so much interest and I've been amply rewarded for my belief that any time you gather a bunch of intelligent, interesting people together, you've got a market for antique maps. It never fails to amaze me the varied interests that attract people to my booth: authors, literary fans, nationalists, history buffs. I always end up learning something about something.

It was a treat to see so many of the vendors I met last year, once again. They and many of the others had lots of tips and suggestions for me as I work toward getting things the way I want them. Much appreciated! Finally, thanks to Grant Macewan's staff for the space, especially Security, who had to wander around all night and watch our stuff. If I've forgotten anyone it's because I'm just overwhelmed by how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

I'll definitely be back next year. If I'm working, I'll quit. If I'm in jail, I'll break out. If I'm dead, I'll rise from the grave. Hope to see you all again there, if not sooner.