Teachers of JH Alumni Association


 John Horrigan is pleased, and somewhat shocked to announce that, as of the Convocation Ceremony this November 15, 2005, he has been granted a Double Arts Major in History and English. While some may view this event as a slight upon the University of Alberta's high academic standards, or even a cheapening of the very institution of higher education, others will recognize this as a testament to the egalitarian nature of academia and an acknowledgement that we must all walk our own path, come what may.

 In a failing attempt to repay the vast intellectual debts accrued over the past sixteen years, I would like to thank those listed below for allowing me the very great privilege of their time, their interest, and their encouragement, without which I could never have completed my degree. The memories of bureaucracy, forms, fees, and cutbacks are fading quickly, but your classes will remain for years to come. Indeed, many of those listed below should take the credit for my graduating, despite myself.

While I would like to be able to say I studied ‘this' or ‘that' at university, my road was circuitous or, at times, circumambulating: writing led to Latin which led to English which led to Book History which led to the History of Science and the Bible. (Thinking back, I should have read the Bible first.) Somewhere amidst this journey, someone "change[d] the way that [ I ] watch film", I developed a passion for maps, and I discovered a latent talent for mineral identification. As the song says, "What a long, strange trip it's been."

In closing, I wish to offer my limited services, should any of you (or your students) ever require advice on maps and globes, or find a pretty rock you want to know more about. Also, I want to welcome you all to the Teachers of John Horrigan Alumni Association, a non-profit, dues-free, secret society currently in search of a cool handshake. Although the Association's Board of Directors has decided to do without formal meetings for the near future, Alumni are encouraged to identify themselves to each other whenever possible and to commiserate freely.

Teachers of John Horrigan Alumni Association.

Names withheld to protect the innocent.

Most sincerely and with my very deepest thanks,